Trish Wisbey-RothPelvis and Lumbar Spine Stability - 5 Lecture Series - Trish Wisbey-Roth (128 Mins)

Many of you would already know of Australian Physiotherapist and educator Trish Wisbey-Roth.

Trish was one of our first Specialist Sports Physiotherapists, is recognised as a Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapy and is a true Sports Specialist in the area of lower back, pelvic and hip problems. is pleased to have on our program a five seminar series with Trish that covered hip, spine and pelvis stability and related imbalances.

These sessions where delivered in our Sydney training room especially for the Physio Professor program.
Here are the session titles of each of these presentations:

Session One - The Role of Proprioception in Muscle Control – 27 Mins
Session Two - Muscle Imbalances of the Lumbo Pelvis and Hip Region – 24 Mins
Session Three - The Spinal Stability Grading System – 24 Mins
Session Four - Bounce Back Program and Research Review into Exercise as a Rehabilitation Method – 25 Mins
Session Five - Retraining Optimal Dynamic Function of the Hip – 28 Min

Here is just some of the great content that Trish delivers in these Physio Professor seminars:

- How to break the recurrent pain cycle with specific exercises.

- The worst thing a surgeon can say to a patient and what to do to stop this happening.

- Why strengthening is not enough to help a client overcomes back pain.

- How the "Avatar" concept can assist us in our rehabilitation programs.

- The exercise program that will greatly improve client outcomes.

- How to be a "Personal Trainer for the Spine" and improve function.

- What we can learn from Cadel Evans in the Tour De France that will improve patient outcomes.

- The 3 level program structure for back rehabilitation that can be used in all clinics.

- The clinical study showing the impact a great exercise program can have on patient outcomes.

- The questionnaire that can only be delivered once that must be used in all rehabilitation programs.

- The "Gameplan" patients can use to overcome setbacks when back pain returns.

- How patients with higher pain levels did better in a group exercise class than in one on one treatment.

- How to predict when a patient's pain would be reduced by 50%.

- The program that gave a 50% reduction in pain and a 40% improvement in function - in patients that had pain for more than 6 months -with only 1 hour of rehabilitation a week.

- The 2 predictors of who will get the most benefit out of a structured exercise program for back pain.

- The treatment modality analysed in the Cochrane Back Review that proved more effective in reducing low back pain than conventional therapies in 11 out of 25 studies reviewed.

- Why turning on stabilizing muscles can actually increase pain.

- How to achieve optimal work and life function with exercise.

Here is more of what Trish covered in her sessions:

- How to solve the puzzle of ongoing pain and dysfunction of the pelvis and hip.

- The injections that can greatly improve tendon recovery post injury.

- The 7 factors that can impact on motor control of the pelvis and how the central nervous system adapts to reduce dysfunction.

- How a simple manual therapy technique changed the breathing rate of back pain clients and what this means to our rehabilitation programs design.

- The "Gluteal Amnesia" concept and how this impacts on hip and back pain rehabilitation.

- Why soccer players are at risk of hernias and the dysfunction we must address to reduce this risk.

- The research that links lumbar pain to groin pain.

- The manual therapy technique that increased adductor muscle force production by 39% and reduced isometric adductor pain by 68%.

- The 5 step exercise progression grading system that you can use in your programs now.

- Why many rehabilitation programs fail to deliver results and the fundamental flow many of the still use today that is limiting their results.

Plus much more.

Get immediate access to this session and over 80 hours of other incredible content from some of the world’s leading health and fitness experts by joining PhysioProfessor today.

About Trish Wisbey-Roth

Director/Physiotherapist at Take Control Active Rehabilitation

Trish Wisbey-Roth is one of Australia’s first Specialist Sports Physiotherapists and is recognised as a Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapy. She is a Sports Specialist in the area of lower back, pelvic and hip problems.

Trish created the BOUNCE Back system of active rehabilitation to enable a simple and effective method of enabling other trained physiotherapists to utilise this effective method of active rehabilitation with their patients. She is currently the Director of both Bounce Back Active Rehabilitation Systems and The Take Control Active Rehabilitation Clinic in Sydney, Australia.

Her live courses include:

  • 3-Dimensional Assessment and Treatment of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine
  • 3-Dimensional Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Hip
  • Optimising Motor Control of the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Hip
  • Optimise Cycling/ Running Biomechanics

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