Paul Wright has helped over 20,000 health professionals in the areas of exercise program design, injury prevention, rehabilitation and business development
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"The Perfect Consult Cheat Sheet"

Eight Part Checklist Ensures Each and Every Consult You and Your Team Deliver is Exceptional
By Paul Wright

In this FREE report Paul will share with you:

  • The key booking mistake that can cost your business thousands in lost revenue
  • The four key steps to building rapport with the new client or patient that leads to increased patient compliance, visit frequency and patient results
  • How to increase referrals from fellow health professionals by making one simple comment to every new client
  • The strategy that - if used effectively - will ensure you and your team NEVER deliver a poor client experience or receive bad patient feedback
  • How to deliver your assessment findings in a way that builds confidence and encourages the client to complete their full course of treatment
  • How to reduce cancellations and improve client outcomes for all health professionals
  • How to get payment for every consult and reduce your "bad debts" to zero.
  • And much more

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Special Bonus:

By requesting this FREE report you will also receive a FREE 48 page “New Therapist Clinical Tutorial Guide”

This treatment guide was written by one of our clinic managers as a tool to oversee the training and development of new graduate therapists when they joined our clinics.

It includes:

  • Treatment protocols for over twenty common conditions seen in clinical practice
  • The test you need to perform for each condition - are your team using them?
  • The exercises you need to give your clients and patients for each of these conditions
  • The sport and gym based exercises to avoid for each problem
  • How to get access to a range of other clinical training tools from some of the world's best professional educators
  • Plus much more
Clinical Tutorial Guide