Ted JedynakFix More Feet Through Foot Mobilization Therapies - with Ted Jedynak

In this 2 part presentation - Australian Podiatrist , Author and Director of The Foot and Leg Centres – Ted Jedynak - expands on the role of manual therapy in the treatment and rehabilitation of many common foot conditions. Here’s how you can help more patients and learn new treatment skills to improve musculoskeletal conditions of the foot & leg.

This session is suitable for all health professionals wanting to increase their understanding of alternative causes and management of foot and ankle pain.

This presentation includes:

  • Who is vulnerable to injury and how to prevent injuries in personal training clients.
  • How the academics have been totally bamboozled by the results possible with foot mobilization techniques and how to use them in your clinic.
  • How to bridge the gap between what physios, chiropractors and osteopaths do – and the work of podiatrists by using manual therapy techniques.
  • How Ted learnt his most valuable lessons about running a great health business from a dentist.
  • How the guiding light podiatrists use for orthotic prescription was proven to be totally unfounded and what Ted did about it.
  • Why orthotic therapy alone is not the “be all and end all” of foot correction – and how to effectively combine orthotics with foot mobilization techniques.
  • Why one medical specialist gave up his conventional surgical practice to focus on foot mobilization therapies.
  • Why old and tired treatment methods no longer work for your patients and how to increase your clinical effectiveness.
  • Why less than 5% of practitioners know how to do successful manual therapy for the feet.
  • The 3 big blunders therapists make when treating feet and what to do about each of them.
  • Why most health professionals don’t understand the difference between foot mechanics and other body parts and why a totally different treatment regime is required when treating feet.
  • Why all health professionals need to understand the concept of “True Healing V’s Symptomatic Relief” and why you must understand this concept to ensure all patients recover fully from foot injuries.
  • The first place you must look when a patient presents complaining of great toe pain – and it is not the great toe – and why you must identify the true cause of all foot pathologies.
  • What Leonardo da Vinci taught us about foot pathology and how to effectively correct many foot problems.
  • Why most Plantar Fasciitis problems don’t respond to treatment and how to greatly increase your success rate for this most difficult of problems.
  • What an engineer taught Ted about foot function and how this discovery led to a totally new treatment method for foot pain.
  • How 35% of your clients have a foot dysfunction that almost all health professionals miss in their examinations – never make this mistake again.
  • The startling revelation that made Ted’s belly button pop out – or so Ted said – maybe not – but he was pretty excited about it.
  • The simple manual therapy technique that can totally revolutionize your current foot pain management program – try it now on your patients.
  • How one common yoga position and one type of footwear pre-dispose many of your patients to a life of foot pain – and how if this dysfunction needs to be corrected in 6 weeks – or it leads to long term issues.
  • The complete “Game Changer” assessment and treatment method you can use in your clinics immediately.
  • How “mother nature” dictates our treatment frequency and how to get the issue of money totally off the table for all patients.
  • The exact same script Ted and his clinicians use to get a 92% conversion rate for patients agreeing to treatment and payment in advance.

Plus Much More

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About Ted Jedynak

Foot & Leg Centre founder Ted Jedynak believes in challenging the status quo of health care and in his search to find a better way to help his clients, he developed the Foot Mobilisation treatment method. Ted has specialised exclusively in Foot Mobilisation Techniques since 1994. Ted is also a Visiting Fellow and Clinical Consultant at QUT’s Specialist Clinic in Brisbane.

As a registered and Board Certified podiatrist, Ted is one of the most experienced practitioners of foot mobilisation in the world. Ted regularly presents his work at conferences and teaches Foot Mobilisation Techniques throughout Australia and overseas.

You can contact Ted via his website at:

Or at his clinics:

Foot and Leg Centre

North Adelaide:
18 Melbourne Street
North Adelaide SA 5006
Tel: 08 8239 0800

5 Cowper Street
Glenelg SA 5045

Clinic website: http://www.footandleg.com.au/

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