Gerry RosanovePosture and the Role of Yoga Exercises in Back Pain Rehabilitation - Gerry Rosanove

In this 4 part presentation - Australian Chiropractor, Osteopath, Educator and Yoga veteran - Gerry Rosanove - expands on the role of Posture and how Yoga exercises can be incorporated in the treatment and rehabilitation of many common spinal conditions. This session also includes an overview and demonstration of some of the most effective Yoga positions that you can use in your treatment programs.

This session is suitable for all health professionals wanting to increase their understanding of posture, yoga and exercise rehabilitation.

This presentation includes:

  • The number one factor that determines the success of your conditioning programs - and it has nothing to do with fitness or strength.
  • The common thoracic dysfunction seen even in yoga teachers that can be the cause of many mid-back pain problems.
  • The simple posture cues that can instantly correct your client’s posture.
  • How to correctly locate the TVA and how to train it effectively.
  • The components of the core unit that are often neglected in back pain rehabilitation programs.
  • How to use a cheap tool – available from most sports stores to reduce cervical headaches.
  • How to “turbo charge” your stretching program using simple patient instructions
  • The importance of Pec Minor stretching and the mistake most people make when stretching this important postural controller.
  • The yoga based breathing technique that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your exercise and stretching programs.
  • The “chiropractic biophysics” based exercise you can use to improve posture and control head position in all patients.
  • How to predict and assess poor core control using one simple fit ball exercise.
  • The hand position you must use to correctly activate the lower fibres of the Trapezius and how getting this wrong will totally ruin the therapeutic benefit of many common lower trap exercises
  • How a USA Chiropractor trains top level Baseballers to reduce shoulder injury.
  • Why chronic long term poor head posture causes breathing problems and the three essential exercises you clients must know.
  • The only area of the body that is voluntary and also involuntary and how this area can lead to common pain syndromes.
  • The 2 thousand year old Yoga breathing pattern that can greatly assist injury recovery and pain prevention
  • The 6 essential yoga poses that all health professionals must know to help clients reduce pain and pathology
  • The number one exercise all 40 -50 year olds need to do to maintain spinal health
  • How to use a blanket to activate the core stabilizers in an exercise your clients can do simply and easily to stretch and strengthen the spine.
  • The Yoga based adductor stretch that greatly assists postural awareness and reduces pain on your clients.
  • The simple stretch you can do whilst waiting in a bank queue that greatly improves posture and head position
  • The gluteal training program used by the world’s best physios and how to incorporate a yoga stretch into your gluteal exercises.
  • The checklist all health professionals need to go through when prescribing postural stretches and exercises.
  • The NLP technique you can use with your clients to maintain the gains achieved in your treatment session
  • The “heel toe” walking technique your clients can use to prevent poor posture.
  • Why even expensive car seats cause back and neck pain and the lumbar support you can use that dramatically corrects posture

Plus much more...

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Gerry Rosanove

Gerry RosanoveA Chiropractor and Osteopath since 1993, Gerry combines his diploma of yoga and core stabilisation exercises into self-management strategies.

He teaches optimal functional movement patterns combined with breath-work for long term optimal health rather than short term pain relief.

Gerry has a particular passion for wellness lifestyle in his practice. He recently gained a CCWP (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner) post graduate qualification from the International Chiropractors Association and a Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach certification. He empowers his patients to Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well.

Gerry practices at The Entrance N.S.W. Central Coast – Australia and can be contacted via:

mobile: 0416202802

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