Paul WrightPREHAB - Injury Prevention and Prediction for Health and Fitness Professionals - with Paul Wright (90 Mins)

Are you a health professional involved in exercise prescription and rehabilitation?
Are you concerned that some of your clients may be at risk of injury?
Are you doing a thorough pre-exercise physical screening for each and every new client?

This fantastic 90 minute presentation with Physiotherapist and leading health and fitness educator Paul Wright – will take all health professionals through the essentials of pre-exercise injury pre-screening.

In this session Paul will share with you:

- Why most new gym members are at risk of injury and the simple tests that could have predicted and prevented them.

- The screening tool produced by Fitness Australia and why it only does part of the job in injury screening.

- How you can decrease your injury rates by 80% using 2 simple tests.

- Why most pre-screening testing procedures don’t ask the right questions.

- Why men are at risk and are unreliable when doing a pre-exercise questionnaire and what to do about it.

- How to predict 85% of gyms and fitness centre based injuries before they happen.

- The most important time to ask questions of your new clients and how most trainers get it wrong.

- The 6 key things you must ask a new client about that can predict injury.

- The one factor that causes a new gym member, who has lived normally with no pain for 20 years, to incur an injury within 2 weeks of joining.

- How a shoulder injury that happened 20 years ago can lead to major injury risk today – and how to stop this impacting your business and clients.

- Why Q angle measurement is overrated and the real risk factor for knee pain post joining the gym.

- The 2 different types of scoliosis and the 10 second test that can be used by all health professionals to detect and classify them.

- The technique problem in swimmers and why they are at risk in gym programs.

- How cyclists get back pain when they start running and the 30 second test that can predict those at risk.

- The “essential test” that all health professionals should do and how if you don’t do this – your clients are at great risk of knee and lower limb problems

- The worst piece of cardio equipment in all gyms and the machine setting that will lead to injury in many clients.

- The major problem with machine systems and why the Smith Machine can greatly increase the risk of shoulder injury in one group of new members – do you know it?

- Why most stretching programs don’t work and the real reason why we need to do some flexibility work.

- The best core stability tests and why most test are not useful for trainers.

- The common exercise that terrifies a 20 year physio veteran every time he sees it done in a personal trainers program.

- The test used by the Australian Wallabies that predicted back pain and the result they needed to attain to be allowed back onto the field.

Plus Much More

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About Paul Wright

Physiotherapist and Founder of

Paul’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy, a Diploma in Education (Physical Education) and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

For the past 20 years Paul has owned and operated multiple Get Active Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinics in Australia – with many of these clinics located inside fitness centres – thus his interest in exercise rehabilitation.

Paul has been actively involved in clinical education around the world having lectured to over 20,000 health professionals - in the areas of program design, injury prevention, rehabilitation and business development.

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