Stephen King and Andrew LemonMovement Screening and Injury Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice - Stephen King and Andrew Lemon - 42 mins

In this 2 part presentation, leading health experts and educators - Stephen King and Andrew Lemon - share the secrets of movement screening and injury risk assessment and how to use this information in your clinical setting.

Here is just some of what Stephen and Andrew cover in this session:

  • How to do a functional movement screen effectively
  • Why traditional assessment tests do not really help us determine the functional performance of our clients
  • How your clients compensate for their dysfunction and how this clouds your treatments and outcomes
  • Why many Orthopaedic tests are not reflective of actual performance
  • What is a movement screening analysis and how to do one effectively in your clinic.
  • The 5 key aspects of functional performance testing and how to incorporate all 5 into your client screening systems.
  • The Star Excursion Balance test and how to use it in your practice.
  • The concept of fatigability and how this impacts on your clients and patients progress
  • How to effectively assess balance and proprioception in your clinic
  • The one tool you can use to perform all your functional movement tests in one small area.
  • How to assess aerobic and anaerobic function and what this means to your clients progress
  • The 5 best and most effective flexibility tests you can us in your clinic immediately.
  • Why the traditional definition of strength is not important to us as health professionals and how to think about strength more effectively in an injury prevention and rehabilitation model.
  • The single best lower body power test available and how muscle imbalance becomes very obvious to you – the therapist.
  • What to do with the screening data and how to make good treatment and training decisions.
  • Why many of our clients are at risk of re  injury and how to prevent re- injury in your clients.
  • How to determine exactly when your client can return to sport and the objective data you must collect in order to make this decision correctly and safely.
  • How to determine the best functional performance test for your clients and when to use what test.
  • The limitations of many functional testing procedures and how to use the available research most effectively and safely.
  • The simple tool you can use immediately to give you accurate and meaningful data on your patients range of motion and balance.

Plus Much More

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About Stephen King

Stephen is a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and functional movement specialist. Steve has also travelled to the USA and UK to undertake further study in functional movement anatomy, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

His passion for sharing his knowledge has lead him into lecturing and developing functional movement courses and products that will help transform your knowledge, enhance your understanding of the human body and narrow the gap between the health and movement professions.

Master of Physiotherapy
Masters of Health Science, Osteopathy

About Andrew Lemon

Andrew is a graduate of five years of study at Victoria University where he completed his qualifications with a Masters in Osteopathy. He also has a love of movement and exercise. His desire to marry the worlds of Osteopathy and exercise training and rehab lead him to study Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute in the USA under the tutelage of Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio the “founders of function”./p>

This experience interacting with elite health professionals and performance coaches from the English Premier League and NFL inspired him into the direction of teaching and bringing that same experience to Australian shores.

Masters of Osteopathy
Bachelor of Health Science

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