Jason McLarenRunning Biomechanics - with Jason McLaren (125 Mins)

In this incredible session, one of Australia's most sought after Biomechanists and running experts - Jason McLaren – allows the PhysioProfessor cameras inside his "Running Biomechanics" course to record some of the theoretical parts of his full day seminar.

What resulted was over 2 hours of incredible information that all health professionals will benefit from.

In Jason's "Running Biomechanics" presentation he will share:

- The secrets of correct running analysis and why most health professionals have no idea how to analyse running correctly.

- The practical application of running biomechanics to clinical practice - the missing link.

- The treatable modifications that can greatly reduce the injury risk for all runners.

- The "intellect" that determines injury risk - and the one adjustment that will correct most of them.

- The key word that reduces injury risk and the 5 factors of running analysis.

- What the average runner can learn from a world record holder about optimal running technique.

- Why running biomechanics is sadly neglected at undergraduate and post graduate level and what we can do about it.

- The one issue that prevents our clients and patients from taking an active role in injury reduction.

- Why a client changing their treating therapist or trainer can reduce the success rate of their treatment program by over 30%.

- The "unhappy triad" for female runners and the biomechanical factors that make females more likely to suffer certain running injuries - do you know them?

- How one simple modification to a clients running technique reduced their "Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome" pain in less than 5 minutes.

- The facts about barefoot running and the truth about the role of footwear in runners.

- How a 6 year old picked up motor learning quest faster than a 40 year old doctor - and the impact this has had on children's injury rates in running.

- What a group of primary school girls taught a biomechanist about motor learning - that directly impacted the way they trained their athletes.

- Why a 2 year old can do a biomechanical analysis of running.

- The sole determinant of efficient running style - do you know what it is?

- Why 75% of runners will suffer an injury of some sort every 12 months and how to prevent them.

Plus much more.

Get immediate access to this session and over 80 hours of other incredible content from some of the world’s leading health and fitness experts by joining PhysioProfessor today.

About Jason McLaren

Sports Scientist

Jason has more than 10 years experience practicing within the areas of sports science and biomechanics. For years Jason has applied sports physiological, biomechanical, motor learning and footwear biomechanical principles to athletes and teams in a variety of sports of all levels. He has helped with enhancing the performance and reducing the injury susceptibility of elite sprinters, distance runners, triathletes, cricketers, AFL and rugby players.

Jason's knowledge predominantly derives from the research projects he has conducted and assisted with over many years. Previous research includes abdominal muscle function, aerobic development and fast bowling biomechanics with the Australian Institute of Sport. As the Director of iSPORT Biomechanics he predominantly coordinates and conducts research in the fields of running biomechanics, footwear biomechanics and sports gradient compression garments. These areas provide iSPORT Biomechanics with cutting edge information that is presented at conferences, seminars and workshops.

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