Jason BradleyPelvic Floor and Core - Gym Member Lecture - with Jason Bradley (40 Mins)

There is no doubt that one of the booming areas in health care these days is Pelvic Floor strengthening, treatment and rehabilitation - this is not surprising given the important role the Pelvic Floor plays in Core Stability and lumbar spine pain management.

With this in mind the PhysioProfessor cameras recently recorded a great lecture by Newcastle based Physiotherapist - Jason Bradley - that will teach you the latest research and trends in core and pelvic floor.

You can also use this lecture as a template for you to use to deliver your own in-services and general public lecture on this most popular of topics.

In this presentation you will learn:

- Why 60% of people with pelvic floor issues never seek help

- Who is at risk of poor pelvic floor function and why

- The best website to find great pelvic floor anatomy outlined in detail

- The key anatomical difference that makes females more prone to bladder leakage than men

- The 4 parts to the core and the "Coke Can" analogy that explains core dysfunction

- The best and easiest way to test pelvic floor weakness

- The exercises that makes this physio cringe when he walks around exercise classes

- How to test and train the male pelvic floor - yes men have a pelvic floor too

- The biggest fallacy in pelvic floor training and how a commonly prescribed exercise actually makes the problem worse

- The 2 schools of thought in core control and how to combine the best of both philosophies

- The exercises to avoid in the gym that increase the pressure on the pelvic floor

- The common squatting error that can increase pelvic floor pressure and the simple technique change to rectify it

- When to inhale and when to exhale during exercise and the impact breathing has on pelvic function

The lecture concludes with an excellent Q and A session - with input from an audience member who recently completed a PhD in Pelvic Floor retraining.

Plus much more.

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About Jason Bradley

Physiotherapist and Director of Bodyworx Physiotherapy

Jason is one of the incredible new generation of young, enthusiastic and broad minded physiotherapists graduating from universities around the world. After his fast track development from Physio Graduate in 2007 to Clinic Manager at Paul Wrights Get Active Physiotherapy in Newcastle - this self starter has been deeply involved in clinical and business education and is now the founder and director of BodyWorx Physiotherapy in Kotara (Newcastle - Australia).

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