Robert DeNardisAn Introduction to the Foam Roller - Robert DeNardis (34 mins)

In this fantastic presentation – physiotherapist for the Melbourne Tigers and leading clinical educator Robert DeNardis – takes a group of junior basketballers through a seminar and workout using the foam roller.

This is the exact same session Robert did with his professional basketball team at an earlier event – so it is equally applicable to junior and senior patients and teams.

This session is excellent for all health professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of foam rollers and learn a range of different and interesting uses for this great rehabilitation and soft tissue tool.

All Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Allied Health Professionals and sports trainers will benefit from this presentation. It is also useful for professionals looking to conduct seminars and classes using the foam roller.

This presentation includes:

  • The different types of foam rollers and when to use each roller.
  • The “flush massage” technique used by NBL basketballers to improve recovery post game.
  • The number one component that leads to injury in sport and how to use the foam roller to prevent them.
  • How to use the foam roller to reduce trigger points in many body parts.
  • How to prevent calf problems, reduce trigger points and increase core stability in one foam roller exercise.
  • The best foot position to use when doing gluteal releases with foam rollers.
  • A 3 stage progression for quads releases using the foam roller.
  • How to use the foam roller to challenge core stability and mobilize the thoracic spine at the same time
  • Why the foam roller is not just for ITB release and how to maximise its use as a pre-game warm-up and a post-game muscle relaxer.
  • The part of the body that should never be worked on with the foam roller - do you know where it is?

Plus much more...

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About Robert De Nardis

Director/Senior Physiotherapist

B App.Sci (Physio) B.Sc. (Hons) M.A.P.A.

Director Sandringham Sports Medicine Centre

Robert De Nardis is an experienced practicing Melbourne Physiotherapist who has an extensive background in two defined areas. Firstly, as the director of Sandringham Sports Medicine, he has been involved with sporting athletes and teams at all levels. Secondly, as the director of the Melbourne Whiplash Centre he has been actively engaged in whiplash evaluation, treatment and research since 1998.

He received certification for dry needling from The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP) in Vancouver, British Columbia and has extensively utilized IMS/Trigger Point Dry Needling in his clinics in Melbourne, Australia. Robert is a recognized expert in the field of cervical spine rehabilitation, having served as a panel member of the International Whiplash Task Force.

Robert’s live courses include:

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling Introductory
  • Training Trigger Point Dry Needling Advanced Training

For more information on Robert’s Dry Needling and Manual Therapy courses go to:

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