Robert De NardisThe Management of Whiplash - Robert De Nardis (61 mins)

In this fantastic presentation - well known Australian Physiotherapist and long time mentor - Robert De Nardis - outlines and describes the mechanism whiplash injury as well as the management of acute and chronic whiplash.

This session is excellent for all health professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of whiplash injury management.

All Physiotherapists, Allied Health Professionals and sports trainers will benefit from this presentation.

This presentation includes:

  • The correct terminology for describing whiplash  injury and disorders
  • Why  whiplash is not a diagnosis and what this means to you as a health professional
  • What exactly happens in a high and low speed accident to the neck and why recovery can take so long
  • Why low speed accidents can be just as damaging in a high speed injury
  • The importance of head rests in cervical spine protection in rear end accidents
  • What  researchers discovered at autopsy that tells us about the exact damage that occurs in whiplash
  • Why women are more at risk than men for long term pain following motor vehicle accident
  • Why x-rays and MRI are not able to always identify cervical damage post accident
  • How to drastically increase patients  quality of life post cervical injury
  • How to prevent a whiplash injury from becoming a chronic problem
  • How one patient ended up on a ventilator and the lesson for all professionals how treat whiplash in the acute stage
  • The rule for when you are able to commence treatment and why you should never proceed with treatment prior to this point
  • The research for and against the use of collars and when they can and should be used for whiplash
  • The concept of “Heavy head Syndrome” and how this impacts treatment methods for whiplash
  • When to encourage normal activity and how to do it effectively to reduce pain and long term injury
  • The 4 stages of cervical  injury and what to do at each stage
  • Why it is important to include significant others in the chronic management of whiplash patients
  • The “3 Rule Program” recommended for all chronic neck patients in Roberts care.
  • The key prognostic factors that  can indicate poor client outcomes for whiplash patients.

Plus much more...

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Robert De Nardis

Director/Senior Physiotherapist

B App.Sci (Physio) B.Sc. (Hons) M.A.P.A.

Director Sandringham Sports Medicine Centre

Robert De Nardis is an experienced practicing Melbourne Physiotherapist who has an extensive background in two defined areas. Firstly, as the director of Sandringham Sports Medicine, he has been involved with sporting athletes and teams at all levels. Secondly, as the director of the Melbourne Whiplash Centre he has been actively engaged in whiplash evaluation, treatment and research since 1998.

He received certification for dry needling from The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP) in Vancouver, British Columbia and has extensively utilized IMS/Trigger Point Dry Needling in his clinics in Melbourne, Australia. Robert is a recognized expert in the field of cervical spine rehabilitation, having served as a panel member of the International Whiplash Task Force.

Robert’s live courses include:

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling Introductory
  • Training Trigger Point Dry Needling Advanced Training

For more information on Robert’s Dry Needling and Manual Therapy courses go to:

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