David BickInjury Prevention for Runners and Athletes - David Bick - (81 mins)

In this fantastic presentation – former Private Physiotherapist to Harry Kewell, Australian Wallabies, and NSW Waratahs– David Bick - will share with you the essentials of injury prevention for runners and athletes.

All Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Allied Health Professionals and sports trainers will benefit from this presentation.

This presentation includes:

- The 2 most common mistakes made by trainers and rehabilitation professionals in running program design.

- Why cycling training is not recommended for running rehabilitation.

- The biggest issue causing running injuries and why many runners are at risk of injury.

- What Usain Bolt can teach us about distance running and injury prevention.

- How to keep your client training and not inure them in the process.

- The differences between barefoot running and running in shoes in terms of injury prevention and technique

- The simple – if a little crass – sign that you have poor core control.

- Why females are more at risk of stress fractures and how to prevent them.

- The keys to the management and prevention of plantar fasciitis in runners.

- The best use of soft sand running and how to train effectively using this method.

- Who is most at risk of developing a running injury and the correct questions to ask all new clients.

- Stress fractures and the simple test that determines when a client can return to running post injury.

- The correct training and rehabilitation program for different Achilles Tendon injuries.

- Why rest is not the best way to recover from tendon injuries – and what to do instead.

- The common surgical procedure that is typically a waste of time and rarely works for runners.

- The biggest mistake when using a foam roller for soft tissue release techniques.

- How to use the foam roller effectively and where exactly to apply the force and why.

- How David Beckham ruptured his Achilles Tendon and the movement that caused it.

- The key components of running biomechanics and how to assess them.

Plus Much More

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About David Bick

M - B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy)

David is a former Radiographer who then studied Physiotherapy. He established the North Sydney Tendinopathy Clinic in 2005 and was the Private Physiotherapist to Harry Kewell between 2006 and 2010.

David has worked extensively  with the Australian Wallabies, NSW Waratahs and Australian Softball, Hockey, Track and Field Teams.

David holds regular lectures on Running Injury Prevention and Tendinopathy Management around Australia and internationally.

You can find see details of any upcoming David Bick seminars by checking the Live Courses page on the site.

Or contact David directly at: d.bick@qsmc.net.au

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