Simon BartholdDynamic Assessment of the Athlete - Simon Bartold

In this 3 part presentation - founder of - Simon Bartold - expands on the essentials of dynamic assessment of the athlete and why many of our current assessment strategies are ineffective.

This session is suitable for all health professionals wanting to increase their understanding of functional biomechanics, running injuries and athletic training.

This presentation includes:

  • Why many current injury assessment techniques are ineffective.
  • How to quickly get to the root of the injury every time.
  • Why one common patella femoral assessment technique is useless and what to use instead of this.
  • How to quickly differentiate good motor patterns from bad ones in the clinical setting.
  • Why we should remove the term “overpronation” from our rehab vocabulary and why the term is so flawed.
  • The true role of gluteus Maximus and Medius - and how our current understanding of muscle function are inadequate in injury rehabilitation and assessment
  • Why our current assessment techniques miss a huge amount of specific data that can help us identify the problem quickly and easily.
  • The one test you need to do on almost every patient you see before you even get them on the table.
  • The concept of “Frontal Plane Projection Angle” and how this is correlated to increased risk or lower limb injuries.
  • Why the knee is a “dumb joint” and what that means to us a health professionals.
  • Why women are between 2 and 8 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury compared to men.
  • How prescribing an orthotic may be the last thing you should do in treating patella femoral pain.
  • The key indicators of future injury and how to determine correctly is an athlete is at risk of injury or not.
  • How a subtle footstrike issue in a national 800m runner led to significant lower limb problems.
  • The key muscle implicated in patella tendon injury and why it is not what you think it is.
  • Why thinking in classic anatomical terms is not effective in dynamic assessment.
  • The “ski boot conundrum” and how this impacts on injury risk for athletes.
  • Why 90% of clients with medial tibial stress issues have a biomechanical deficiency and the key single deficiency that causes this problem.
  • The most important problem to look for in runners and how to test it.
  • The 7 step protocol you can use immediately that can dramatically increase the success of your treatment programs.

Plus much more...

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Simon Barthold

Simon BartholdSimon Bartold is a graduate of Adelaide University where he gained a Bachelor Degree in Science with majors in Physiology and Zoology. His further qualification in Podiatry was gained at the University of South Australia.

Simon holds postgraduate fellowships in Sports Podiatry with the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and in Sport Sciences with Sports Medicine Australia.

He has won the prestigious Best Clinical Paper Award for original research at the Australasian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport an unprecedented three times.

He is the creator of the education portal and conducts seminars around the world on injury prevention, biomechanics and sports injuries.

You can contact Simon at:
Bartold Biomechanics
PO Box 2281
Kent Town SA 5071

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