Strength Training for SportStrength Training for Sport - Olympic Lifting Essentials - Ashley Jones and Tom Tombleson - (93 mins)

In this incredible presentation – former Australian Wallabies, New Zealand All Black, Crusader and Newcastle Knights Strength and Conditioning Coach – Ashley Jones along with Waratahs Strength and Conditioning Coach – Tom Tombleson - will share with you the essential lifting techniques, modifications and methods used by their elite Rugby players and athletes.

This presentation is not only applicable to rugby conditioning coaches as all personal trainers, therapists, and sports trainers will benefit from this presentation.

This presentation includes:

  • 30 of the best strength and conditioning exercises used by the top rugby teams in the world including the Wallabies, All Blacks, Crusaders and Waratahs
  • The single exercise that can predict the athletes overall athletic lifting ability.
  • The 2 stances used in lifting and when to use each stance in your clients lifts.
  • Why the use of mirrors is counter-productive to correct lifting performance and the correct way to get great feedback on your lifts.
  • The common warm-up mistake that effects your training progress and why bodybuilding warm-ups are causing problems in sports conditioning.
  • The best strength training exercise for running and how many programs actually reduce your running performance
  • How to develop explosive speed and strength through the hips with a “no bar / no weight” exercise.
  • The “gymnastics with weights” exercise and how to determine your correct grip width for the snatch exercise
  • The “stamp technique” popularised by many USA lifters and the problem with this technique in lifting
  • The “skipping rope” error in the snatch and how to replace it with “the brush cuing the shrug” to lift more effectively
  • How to use the “triple extension” to improve sports performance - regardless of the sport you play.
  • The correct technique for the power clean and why most athletes get it wrong.
  • How to modify a simple push up exercise to prepare your wrists for the correct power clean and why 99% of athletes get wrist pain from power cleans.
  • Why the old sets and rep systems are outdated and the correct rep range for beginner and children lifters.
  • The lift used by the Chinese Olympic team to build huge size and strength.
  • The “top down approach” versus the “bottom up approach” to performing a correct power clean and when to use the different methods for maximal gains
  • Why lifters need to use “the reserve of strength” training technique - to allow maximal effect from the power clean exercise.
  • Why the bodybuilding front squat technique is banned in Ashley’s gyms and the problems it causes for his athletes and players.
  • The ‘bread and butter” exercises used in all of Ashley’s teams.
  • The progressions for correct overhead lifting using “single knee bend” and “ double knee bend” techniques - essential for complete overall body power and strength in sport.
  • The exercise that if done in a regular gym will get you banned - but is a basic building block of many of Ashley’s sports and rehabilitation programs
  • The greatest and most important exercise ever developed for tight head props in rugby - are your players using it?
  • The four stage modification of this exercises used by a super heavy weight lifter to achieve international lifting success in the 1970s and still being used today with great effect..
  • How the crusaders used over 40 different squat movements to develop lower body size, strength and power.
  • The kneeling squat modification and how to use “contrast training” to maximise power and speed in your players and athletes.
  • Why conventional weight training exercises can limit sprinting and the single best exercise modification that all sprinters must do in their workouts.
  • The “2 stage step up” used by elite sprinters that encourages the “negative hip angle” concept favoured by the world’s leading speed conditioners.
  • How the “time under tension” method for hypertrophy may not be the optional way to increase muscle size.
  • Why overtraining does not exist for elite athletes and the error many trainers make when planning their athletes programs.
  • The ONLY 2 known scientific factors that increase recovery in athletic performance - do you use them?
  • The BIG 3 “Go to Exercises” that all sports conditioners and trainers MUST have in your strength and power programs.
  • Ashley’s “Randomization Versus Periodization Theory” of strength and conditioning and how to use it in your training programs for optimal success.
  • Why the term “Strength and Conditioning Coach” is now obsolete - and the new term that reflects more correctly their role in the physical preparation of athletes.

Plus much more...

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About Ashley Jones and Tom Tombleson:

Ashley Jones M.Sc

Ashley has spent the past 20 years as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Australian Wallabies, New Zealand All Blacks, Canterbury Crusaders, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels and Northern Eagles.

Ashley Jones
Tom Tombleson M.Sc

Current Strength and Conditioning Coach for NSW Waratahs and former Head of Physical Performance for Oxford University Blues Rugby, UK.

Current competitive Olympic weightlifter and England Sevens Rugby representative.

Tom Tombleson

What Attendees of this Actual Event Said After the Presentation:

“I made mention of this on my feedback form last night but wanted to say it again, the seminar last night was the best seminar / tutorial/ work shop I have ever been to for anything ! I have told my work mates about how good it was , I have already used some of the exercises today for myself as well as with some clients. Thanks again. ” Daniel Parr (PT)

“Awesome - when is the next one?” Dave Nagel (PT)

“Fantastic course - I immediately had content I could take with me and apply in sessions with my clients ” Andrew Melvin (PT)

“Great content - professionally delivered - awesome take home value ” Trent Marsh (PT)

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