Ashley JonesBigger, Stronger, Faster - Strength and Conditioning for Rugby League and Rugby Union - with Ashley Jones (149 mins)

In this classic PhysioProfessor seminar - one of Australia and New Zealand's leading Rugby Conditioning Expert – Ashley Jones – will share with you the training drills, programs and injury prevention strategies he uses every day with his elite and junior players.

In this presentation – recorded live in Sydney - you will learn:

  • 22 new exercises and training drills that a 20 year Physiotherapy veteran had never heard of before attending this session.
  • The truth about groin strains in footballers and how one simple stretch can reduce them completely – are you using it?
  • The easiest way to warm-up for a training session and why one common warm – up technique is a total waste of time.
  • The kids game the Newcastle Knights ask to play in each and every training session – who said training can’t be fun?
  • The secret running technique used by NFL wide receivers...

Guaranteed to Stop Hamstring Burnout and Increase Player Speed

  • Why there are only 2 types of strength coaches and why one of them is unemployed – will you be next?
  • How to double the strength gains from your Squat exercise by using this simple but little known training aid – are you using it? The top teams are !!!
  • Why 20% of injuries come from one joint and how the top players halving this % by using a simple training modification.
  • Where to find the 5 hottest training websites your competitors don’t even know about – that can fast track you and your players to the top grade – NOW.
  • The exercise Newcastle Knights legend (and Clive Churchill Medallist) Robbie O’Davis used to increase his upper body power that only 5 of the squad could actually perform.
  • How a broken Swiss Ball turned into an essential training tool – and how you can use the same tool for less than $80.
  • The amazing “Cards of Death” training drill that helped the Manly Sea Eagles to finals glory – your players will ask you to play this in every session!!!
  • How the NSW Waratahs use a squat rack and a wobble board to...

Increase Vertical Jump by 20%

  • The favourite training strategy used by UK super-coach Malcolm Reilly that helped take took the Newcastle Knights to the 97 and 2011 NRL premiership.
  • How the Melbourne Storm players hit personal bests in the weight room in the week they won the Grand Final – and how this exposed the massive mistake in almost all rugby training programs.
  • The single reason most UK based league players can’t compete with Australian trained footballers – and the simple program modification that can correct this imbalance forever.
  • What current Sydney Roosters Coach and NRL legend Brian Smith did at the Parramatta Eels that led them to the 2001 Grand Final – and how you can use this in your training programs to dominate every tackle.
  • The truth behind the recovery strategy used at the elite New Zealand Rugby Football Institute – and how the Manly Sea Eagles copied this for 10% of the cost.
  • What the “fat player” group at the Newcastle Knights discovered in their post training session that changed the way all players trained – that increased overall training gains by 20%.
  • Better than Deadlifts – the unique one arm exercise that can...

Triple the Effectiveness of your Training Session

  • The 4 books that all strength and conditioning coaches MUST HAVE in their library but most have never heard of.
  • What a Russian Volleyball team taught the USA soccer team that has implications for every coach training junior players in the Rugby codes.
  • The mistake made by the Duke Basketball Program in the USA that effects the exercises you should include in your weight training program for Rugby players.
  • The simple technique change that can halve the injury rate from the Bench Press exercise in your training programs.
  • Why the “Beep Test” can be an unreliable measure of cardio-vascular fitness for footballers and the more reliable (and simpler) alternative used by the top teams.
  • The incredible training program that can be done on your local golf course to increase CV fitness of your players to reduce fatigue at the end of important games.
  • How a former Parramatta NRL player used his dog to get out of a training drill – and how he almost ended up in hospital because of it.
  • The truth about “Growth Plate” related training injuries in junior player and when your junior players can safely start weight training.
  • The lineout training drill used by the ACT Brumbies that helped them to Super 14 glory.

Plus much more...

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Ashley Jones

M.Sc, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Ashley has spent the past 20 years working with the New Zealand All Blacks, Canterbury Crusaders, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels and Northern Eagles.

His knowledge of strength and conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation for Rugby League and Rugby Union Players is incredible.

What Others Have Said about Ashley’s Seminars:

Ashley Jones has been my strength training mentor for more than 20 years. This presentation will open your eyes to the problems in your current training programs and awaken you to the improvements your players have been missing out on by poor training techniques” Paul Wright (Physiotherapist)

"Brilliant - so informative" Brian (Conditioning Coach)

Ashley is a true legend - he is working with the athletes every day – just like us” John (Rugby Coach)

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