The Medical Management of Tendon Problems

Well known Australian Sports Physician – Dr Corey Cunningham has just released a new video onto our online educational portals and for Full Access members of

In this fantastic presentation Dr Cunningham – outlines and describes the medical interventions all health professionals must know – when diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating tendon injuries.

This session is excellent for all health professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of tendon injury management – including imaging options, injections, nutritional aspects and manual therapy methods.

This presentation includes:

–          The essential questions you must ask when treating tendon pathology.

–          The alternative diagnosis not to be missed in tendon management.

–          The images that need to be done and when – including MRI, Plain X-Ray and Ultrasound – and what to look for on these scans.

–          How to determine if a symptom is relevant and/or important in tendon pathology.

–          The truth about calcaneal spurs and when to be concerned.

–          The best imaging method available for assessing cartilage injury.

–          The 3 main medical treatment options for tendinopathies and an overview of many other alternative treatment options – do you know the latest options?

–          Which anti-inflammatory will give the best results in tendon pathology – and when to use each of these – if at all.

–          The best medication for pre training and pre game pain management but not for long term use.

–          When and why to recommend cortisone injections and when to avoid their use in athletes.

–          The truth about tendon rupture and cortisone injection and how to reduce the risk of tendon damage.

–          The best medical management for heel pain – and when this method is not effective.

–          The one body part where a one off cortisone injection can be useful and when not to do a second injection.

–          Explanation of PRP injection use in tendon injury management – why, how and when to use this treatment option.

–          What the cosmetic industry can teach us about tendon pathology and treatment.

–          The treatment program used in European football for over 30 years but only just started to be used in other countries.

–          Why PRP injections are also being used for joint pathology and why.

–          What the Australian Sailing team physio is recommending their athletes drink to reduce tendon pain and pathology.

–          How the Australian Institute of Sport medical team are managing tendon problems.

–          How to help your clients make the best decisions regarding injury management and pathology.

–          The SIJ treatment method that can effectively reduce pain and increase function.

–          How and when to use nitrate patches to help manage tendon pain – and the main side effect to be aware of.

–          The new treatment modality that can only be done at lunchtimes and late Friday afternoons so as not to upset the other patients – this is a brutal treatment method – but highly effective.

–          When to consider surgery and for which specific body parts.

–          The “magic number” that indicates surgery is required in shoulder tendon pathology.

–          Why delaying surgery in some body parts can be counterproductive to a successful outcome.

–          How to determine and understand “full thickness” versus a “partial thickness” tear of the rotator cuff – and what this means regarding surgery.

–          The hand injury that you only have 7-10 days to identify before it becomes permanent.

Plus Much More

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