Running Biomechanics Essentials with Jason Mclaren

Late last year – one of Australia’s most sought after Biomechanists and running experts – Jason McLaren – let the PhysioProfessor cameras inside his incredible “Running Biomechanics” course to record some of the theoretical parts of his full day seminar.

What resulted was over 2 hours of incredible information that all health professionals will benefit from.

In Jason’s “Running Biomechanics” presentation he will share:

–          The secrets of correct running analysis and why most health professionals have no idea how to analyse running correctly.

–          The practical application of running biomechanics to clinical practice – the missing link.

–          The treatable modifications that can greatly reduce the injury risk for all runners.

–          The “intellect“that determines injury risk – and the one adjustment that will correct most of them.

–          The key word that reduces injury risk and the 5 factors of running analysis.

–          What the average runner can learn from a world record holder about optimal running technique.

–          Why running biomechanics is sadly neglected at undergraduate and post graduate level and what we can do about it.

–          The one issue that prevents our clients and patients from taking an active role in injury reduction.

–          Why a client changing their treating therapist or trainer can reduce the success rate of their treatment program by over 30%.

–          The “unhappy triad” for female runners and the biomechanical factors that make females more likely to suffer certain running injuries – do you know them?

–          How one simple modification to a clients running technique reduced their “Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome” pain in less than 5 minutes.

–          The facts about barefoot running and the truth about the role of footwear in runners.

–          How a 6 year old picked up motor learning quest faster than a 40 year old doctor – and the impact this has had on children’s injury rates in running.

–          What a group of primary school girls taught a biomechanist about motor learning – that directly impacted the way they trained their athletes.

–          Why a 2 year old can do a biomechanical analysis of running.

–          The sole determinant of efficient running style – do you know what it is?

–          Why 75% of runners will suffer an injury of some sort every 12 months and how to prevent them.

Plus much more.

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The program includes three dedicated learning pathways – one for junior therapists, one for senior therapists and one specifically for Personal Trainers – so there is a pathway for everyone.

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