The Lowdown on Lunges for Rehabilitation

My good friend, Physiotherapist and Owner of 6S Health on the NSW Central Coast – Darren Stuchbery – has just released an excellent session onto and online learning portals.

Darren was kind enough to invite our cameras into this recent seminar he conducted for a group of local Personal Trainers.

The session is titled  – “The Lowdown on Lunges” –  and is an excellent presentation on correct lunge technique, common mistakes and great teaching tips to ensure your clients and patients continue to lunge pain free.

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Here is a brief overview of what is covered in this new “Lowdown on Lunges” presentation – with Darren Stuchbery:

–          How the introduction of programs like crossfit have changed the lunging technique we should use.

–          How to determine people who should not even be doing lunges at all.

–          How one trainer caused massive problems in her pump class and the lesson in this for all of us.

–          The best way to activate VMO using this lunge version.

–          How to explain Q angle to your clients so they understand why they need to do this exercise in their programs.

–          Why bad lunge technique can lead to patella femoral joint compression and injury.

–          The truth about the “Dork Lunge” and how to use it effectively.

–          How low to lunge for maximal effectiveness and safety

–          How one study performed on a small number of paratroopers led to a massive error in lunge teaching technique.

–          The difference between a group lunge and a functional lunge and when to use each version.

–          The posture que often missed by trainers and how to ensure correct upper body position when lunging.

–          Step by step progressions of the best and most effective way to teach your clients to lunge safely and effectively.

–           “The head in the elevator shaft” image and how it leads to correct technique.

–           What Leyton Hewett can teach us about lunge technique.

–          When to use more advanced variations and which are the best.

–          What Steve the Projectionist taught us about correct exercise technique and training people effectively.

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